Windows Vista had a rather interesting impact on the Re-Volt community since Re-Volt is not able to run right out of the box on it. The problem can be fixed through a command line switch found in the 0916 & 1207 versions of Re-Volt. These patches allow you to use the "-sli" switch and thereby fix the DirectDraw flipped buffer error.

Steps to make Re-Volt work on Windows Vista (Note, this applies for Windows 7 as well)

  1. Download and install patch 0916 (for the unripped / original version of the game) or patch 1207 (for the ripped versions from Classic Gaming Network etc.) from Manmountain's Tool Shed by overwriting all the files.
  2. Right click on a shortcut of Re-Volt, either the one the installer made, or one you made. To create a shortcut (if you need one) right click on revolt.exe and hit "Create Shortcut" in that pop-up menu. You can then drag and drop the shortcut anywhere you want.
  3. Right click on the the shortcut and follow this picture. Add "-sli" to the target in the properties, like so.
  4. VistaSLI
  5. Now you should be able to launch the game from this shortcut and it run properly (remember to run as administrator!).
  6. (Another note, you can also do this with a batch file. To make a batch file, create a new *.txt file. Edit it in Notepad or your preferred editor to say "revolt.exe -sli" and save it. Change the extension to *.bat, have it in the folder beside revolt.exe and launch the file by double-clicking, just like an executable. There is no reason to use this method...).

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