Yesterday was a great day. I did the finishing touch towards Radioactive Garden and I was quite excited when releasing it. Something back in my head told me that it weren't finished and something told that I should let go. So because I am like I am, I just did something in between; Writing in the readme that I might update the track if any bugs showed up in the release version. After all it "only" took 3-4 months to build it and I felt like I didn't really bug-check as much as on JungleVolt (I had it unreleased for almost a year).

but now that it's off the working table, I can prepare the formatting of my 1½ year old laptop in order to get rid of 3ds max. I am already slowly categorizing the projects I've started as unfinished, finished or still in progress and if I am fast enough, I can start on a fresh in the early 2010.

A merry Christmas and a happy new year from me!

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