I don't want to make a pressure on everybody, who is downloading my tracks - I am so glad that they even choose to comment! But when it comes to grading, I am having hard finding out what I am doing wrong, because the feedback I can get out of comments won't help me enough to improve. Zach told me that if I posted the track on a forum like ORP, I would probably get much more detailed "reviews", because a forum is almost made for long replies. But I can tell that clearly there doesn't exist any difference when it comes to detail; Both JungleVolt and Radioactive Garden has got the same kind of feedback - it must depend more or less in the time your submitting/posting and the peoples mood/interest in replying. And no matter if the grade they my releases is good or bad, I want a reason, so I know what I did good and what I could improve on.

As the situation is now, I have no idea how to improve. Is it my way to create textures? Is it the modeling that looks too weird? Or does my tracks just not have the "touch"? I hope Killer Wheels can give me an answer on that, he seems currently to be on Christmas holidays, but hopefully he will be back soon.

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