• KayTheFalcon

    Iframes :(

    August 29, 2009 by KayTheFalcon

    Today, I programmed (PHP) a small script for the track info, and unfotuently... I couldn't get it into the wikia page as an iframe [perhaps because of wiki system]

    Example: + Toys In The Hood 1

    if you have any idea, how to post the iframe, please donate it! thank you :)

    regards, Falcon

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  • KayTheFalcon


    August 28, 2009 by KayTheFalcon

    Hey! We're not dead!! We are still alive trying to keep Re-Volt The Wiki project alive!!! However, now the official Re-Volt Wiki is here, in wikia, and not in wikispaces as several websites mentioned.

    A lot, lot of contribution is needed, especially in Stubs, any contribution will be appreciated, thank you

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  • KayTheFalcon

    Hi people. I just made a full list of Acclaim People, it would be great and appreciated if you link already staff people in the list to their wikia page, thank you.

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