Feel free to add yourself to this list if you consistently release tracks for Re-Volt. Re-Volt has many track authors. Some make strictly LEGO, Extreme, or Full Custom, while others touch on more than one kind or create something altogether new.

In alphabetical order... (feel free to add yourself, don't lie)


Those tracks made with Track Editor. Relatively popular in creation and not so well loved by the community unless it is highly modded into a Lego Extreme with RVGlue. Still these creators are worth mentioning and some LEGO tracks can be really fun and even classic!


Extreme Tracks are made from scratch with either a 3D Modeling program such as 3ds max,Zmodeler, or Blender. Still others can be made from PRM Packs and glued together with RVGlue.

Full Custom

These guys work the hardest, creating all from scratch including animated models, sound, etc.

Other Creations

These are the creators of something altogether unique. Such as PRM Packs, Battle Tags, FrontEnds or Milkfixing/Improvements.

Battle Tags


PRM Packs

  • Billster
  • JimK


  • ThugsRook
  • SebR


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