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Folder Name nhood1
Soundtrack nhood1.mp3
Length 735 metres
Reversed Length 737 metres
Difficulty/Cup Easy/Bronze
Unlock None
Challenge Time 00:54:000

Toys in the Hood 1 is a stock track, created by Acclaim Studios. Is the first track in bronze cup and in game. It sets the racers in suburbia, starting at a construction site and sending everyone around the block. The racing line is original and fun to play. This track comes included in demos of all the game's ports, except rolling demo.


There is a basketball at the end of the main straightway that bounces out into the road on the first lap. While not as heavy as a Ball Bearing, it can still spin the car out and slow down. There also has some traffic cones scattered around the streets that gets in the way when making shortcuts on the corners. Despite the obstacles, the track is quite clean with almost no interruption in the cars' flow.


Global Pulse Location

The Global Pulse is found above the parked car on the main straightway. There is a ramp leaning against the back of the car; line up and hit it full speed (on a rookie car) to nab it. Higher-rank cars will need to reduce speed near the top, or else they will fly clear over it. The Global Pulse is located on top of the red car with a ramp behind.

Pstar Nhood1

Practice Star Location

The Practice star is located under the parked car on the main straightway, on the sidewalk.


  • Cut corners as much as possible; most curbs have an incline and you can use to your advantage.
  • Avoid jumps unless you need to get the pick-up sitting above it; jumps will slow you down.
  • If your car has enough speed coming out of the sewer pipe, you can just speed right up the steep incline instead of taking the usual route.
  • Try using oil slicks, ball bearings, and clone pick-ups in the sewer pipe.
  • A great place to drop a clone pick-up or oil slick is in the midst of the three pickups that are in front of the starting line; drop one on your way into the sewer pipe (or out of it, if playing the track reversed).
  • The shortcut inside the alleys (entrance before the second corner, in a house with a tree) seems to be longer than driving along the streets. It is not a good option.
  • In some places of the track is possible to make cuts at sidewalks, where the player can trace a diagonal way along it. There're four points in total: the first, third and fifth corners for instance; also climbing the sidewalk under the red parked car near to the end (pictures above).
  • With a powerful car (Semi-Pro or Pro cars) is possible to climb the construction side ravine and make a shortcut.


  • In CGW / PC Gamer demos and dev, this track doesn't have ramps, and contains more pickups in sidewalks and differents AI Nodes.

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