Texture animation (better known as multi-frames and multiframes) is as in named the ability to make texture animated (through changing the UV map).

Example of multiframes

  • Toy worlds : The arcades (car game)
  • Museum: moving ladder; Jupiter texture animation
  • Market 1: near of cash register[1]
  • CTR-Palm Marsh: custom track by RVTT, see water

Known teams for breaking multiframes

Future of Texture Animation

  • RVTT made the multiframe structure available for public, still, it's possible that the mistake they committed or being too hard to understand is the reason why nobody created another custom multiframe track
  • RRR promised that will provide for its members the multi-frames
  • Re-Volt Live (as theKDL) will be creating a whole GUI to be used by anyone.

Notes and references

  1. Found by RST in 2009