TexAnim YUI (shortened as TexYUI, codenamed as The YUI project) is a texture animation editor for Re-Volt. just like its name hints: TEXture ANIMation Yet another User Interface, it provides a new (graphical) user interface to edit, add and remove texture animation for Re-Volt.

Background and story


A first preview

After being unpleased with W_Console, Kfalcon decided to make a new tool easy to use and can be used by anyone for Texture animation. Not so long, a first version of Texture animation appeared on the internet.

However, as no much interest was shown, the author decided to drop the project.


  • a decent graphic interface 
  • import/export .framelist (W_Console)
  • manage current texture animations inside track
  • export track animation (with quadrify and other options)
  • extended frames support: custom delay, linear translation and linear rotation
  • smooth start/finish and smooth start and finish (dropped)

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