Test ground2

The gfx picture of Testing Ground 2.It shows the entrance of the infamous Elevator.

Testing Ground 2 is an Extreme track by Nero , released on 3rd of April, 2011.


Is a milestone for the creator, because the track itself was made in Zmodeler , while the mountains, signs, etc. are from JimK's Offroad Kit. As the first Testing Ground, this also has the infamous Elevator, where weight counts. Also has 2 float zones, like in Trap-Track by Axaton. In other words, using alot of Farce Fields .


The track itself is easy as the road is wide and there are a few obstacles. Lap times with Pro cars range between 45-60 seconds.


So far there are no bugs known, but if there are any, contact Nero via E-Mail or PM him at Our Re-Volt Pub or Re-Volt Live , or leave a comment at RVZT .

Where to download

The track is available at RVZT and Re-Volt Live .

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