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Folder Name market2
Soundtrack Little Toy Carz.mp3
Length 301 metres
Reversed Length 299 metres
Difficulty/Cup Easy/Bronze
Unlock None
Challenge Time 00:24:000

Supermarket 2 is a stock track, created by Acclaim Studios. Is the second track in Bronze Cup. It sets the racers in a small grocery store, racing down the aisles, checkout lanes, and even the storage freezer.


The track has two apparent obstacles: one dominates a good part of the track, which is the slippery ground of the storage freezer. Other are automatic sliding doors in front of the checklanes that may slide into the path. Even so, the track is still quite clean and easy, having a small length and few things getting in the way, as to be expected from a Bronze Cup track.


Global Pulse Location

The Global Pulse is located right by the sliding doors, on the outside. In normal mode, go left out of the doors instead of right. In reverse mode, you will see it as you drive along the path. Either way, you will lose some time attempting to get it.


Practice Star Location

The Practice mode star is located in the air above the middle register. Hit the ramp at full speed, and you should grab it. Recommended to use Col. Moss car for picking this star.


  • Reduce speed going into the freezer to avoid drifting very far.
  • The frosted (white) edges of the floor in the freezer have more traction than the icy (gray) part. Aim for those to leave your opponents reeling on the ice.
  • A well placed Oil Slick or Clone Pick Up in or before the freezer is by far the cheapest and most evil tactic you can possibly pull off. That is, unless you activate an Electro Pulse while drifting by anyone who hit said oil slick.
  • For more freezer fun, bring some Fireworks or Water Balloons with you.
  • As cool as it may feel, don't jump off of the register ramps unless there is something obstructing the lane; you will lose time.
  • Drop an Oil Slick or Clone Pick Up as close to the center of the sliding doors as you can. If the timing is right, other racers are forced to either drive through the trap, or run into a door.
  • A great place to drop a Ball Bearing or Clone Pick Up is in the dip on the front sidewalk; racers can't see down there usually until it's too late.
  • Cars with rear drivetrain like AMW or Fulon X, even Sprinter XL, easily lose traction in the freezer, drifting every time. They aren't a good choice unless the player has skills with these vehicles.
  • Cut corners as much as possible, but do it in moderation when in aisles and checkout lanes.


  • In Dev version, Supermarket 2 is set in Medium difficulty.

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