Folder Name market1
Soundtrack Little Toy Carz.mp3
Length 502 metres
Reversed Length 479 metres
Difficulty/Cup Extreme/Platinum
Unlock Gold Cup
Challenge Time 00:39:000

Supermarket 1 is a stock track created by Acclaim Studios. It features in the Platinum tier, so it appears in the Platinum Cup as one of the circuits. It sets the racers in the same setting as Supermarket 2 , but this circuit is more complex as you go through some aisles of the supermarket, then through the storage room, sliding around some shelves which serve as chicane curves and finish up in the cash registers.


  • Right away you'll find a nasty fridge chamber which you will want to avoid.
  • The ramps are fairly steep, so you'll need a good acceleration if you want to go through them easily.
  • The wooden floor of the storage room doesn't cover the whole sections, so mind the gaps because if you fall through one you'll lose time.
  • The green bottles in one of the chicanes are stacked up next to the curve, so make sure not to touch them because they'll hinder your way.
  • Just like in Supermarket 2, the ramps on the cash registers will make you look cool, but you risk losing some valuable time if you jump on them.


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Stars Location

  • The Global Pulse can be found in the start-finish straight before the cash registers, by taking a detour to the left of the left freezing chamber. It's one of the easiest Global Pulses to pick up since you probably can be heading leftwards after taking the previous 90º turn, you can't confuse it with the right freezing chamber because there's no track on that one, and the exit curve is easy to take.
  • The Practice Star is on the pink-yellow helicopter close to the cash register ramps. You need to take the most leftward one and bring a really speedy car (Panga) in order to reach it.


  • Choose a car with good acceleration. Some parts of the track are not favorable for cars like Phat Slug or Evil Weasel.
  • Cut corners as much as possible, mainly at the warehouse ramps.
  • At the top after the ramps, the player has the option to jump on the bottom layer using the side openings. This way appears to be faster.
  • Slow down at the 180º shelves and make curves as closed as possible.
  • After the shelves is a shortcut behind the fruit stand. To use this way approach to the right shelves, then make a open curve to enter without break.
  • Throw Oil Slick and Clone Pick Ups in front of blind alleys (as the warehouse entering) and narrow sections.
  • Throw Ball Bearings at the 180º shelves' path.

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