Re-Volt's soundtrack consists of 10 house, techno, and trance pieces that play as background music. Music is stored on the game CD, thus, using Patch 1207 to play the game without the CD check disables the music. To play music without the CD in the drive you can use Rv12, _inmm.dll, WolfR4 or Phoenix R3.

The demo version of Re-Volt comes with frontend.mp3 and nhood1.mp3, stored in the same folder as revolt.exe.

Track List

namePlayed inComment
FLIPPEDToytanic 1 and Toytanic 2-
FRONTEND (JamJar)Frontend (Main Menu)

known as JamJar in XBOX

The Nintendo 64 version of Re-Volt has a remixed frontend

Little Toy CarzSupermarket 1 and Supermarket 2.-
Live WiresBotanical Garden -
nhood1Toys in the Hood 1 -
Toys for the boysToy World 1, Toy World 2, and Museum 2-
Candy JumpingStunt Arena Suggested By KDL
RechargeToys in the Hood 2 Suggested By KDL
OVERDRIVERRooftops Suggested By KDL
Out Of Control?-
WESTVOLTGhost Town 1/West World 1 and Ghost Town 2/West World 2-
Win CupWhen you win Championship at podium-
Lose CupWhen you lose Championship at podium-
Credits (go_west)During credits (Ghost Town 2)-


Alternatively, Re-Volt's soundtracks may be arranged into a Redbook standard. The music files are located in the 'redbook' folder of the game, though in the folder they are labelled as track(number). In the REDBOOK entry located in .inf files of various tracks, there are two index numbers. These determines the songs to be played. Toys in the Hood 1 for example has Redbook index 4 9, which means songs from 4 to 9 will be played.

The PlayStation, PC, and Dreamcast versions of Re-Volt all have Redbook arrangements, however the Dreamcast version is unique in the fact that its soundtrack lacks transitions; all of the music are seperate entities and do not have links to other songs.

Redbook List

The Redbook playlist is as follows:

IndexRedbook NameSoundtrack Name
1track03Toys for the Boys
2track04Live Wires
3track05Candy Jumping
7track09Little Toy Carz
9track11Out of Control
11track13Win Cup
12track14Lose Cup
13track15Credits (go_west)


  • Redbook index numbers 11, 12, and 13 are not used in any tracks, but for special occasions, such as winning or losing the Championship, or in Credits.

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