SoundsfromRe-Volt Front

Front Cover

RRR:Sounds From Re-Volt (R3-SFR) was a RRR Racing Forum product. It has the music collected from RRR soundtrack contests excluding Kfalcon and Adamodell's music. The cover was designed by both of Gaming4JC and RST.

Included songs

  1. Phoenix R3 Song (by Urnemanden) - 03:30
  2. Chemical Mixdown (by Hilaire9) - 02:57
  3. SilverStream (by RST) - 01:22
  4. Re-Volt Revolution (by Nuclearhythmics) - 02:30
  5. Turning On The Radio (by Urnemanden) - 02:43
  6. The Sakura Mix (by Gaming4JC) - 04:00
  7. Star Hop Techno (by Gaming4JC) - 02:56
  8. Terramax (by RST) - 01:08
  9. JungleVolt (by Urnemanden) - 03:33
  10. Ever Seen the sky (by RST) - 01:31

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