Shawn64 or Shawn Tony Noel was a Re-Volt track creator, racer, and game designer from Lincoln, Nebraska, USA born July 18th, 1988. At only 18 he committed suicide January 18th, 2006 [1] by hanging himself. [2]

His re-volt creations include over 18 custom Re-Volt tracks, mostly done in Instances edit mode. He also made a battle tag level.

Shawn64 flames 2005

Self portrait of Shawn64 -"Flames" 2005

His other creations include legendary Game Maker games that he created with his friend "PX9". He was an inspiration to novice game designers... [3]


  1. Shawn64's Obituary
  2. A short post on how he died on
  3. A Shawn 64 retrospective by

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