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Sacred Cow(s) is a term created by RST and used on RRR Racing Forum. It is used on people who have been around a long time and had conflicts with RRR or been some how rude to certain members of the community.

SacredCow RRR

What is an RV Sacred Cow?

This is a term coined by RST and defined by him as:

"It is a person who does not want the online scene to become better, just because he/she doesn't care. Or they want to have some type of control or essence it is just a guy who wishes not to loose popularity and the like."

There is a topic on RRR called "Old Sacred Cows" on which the term was officially introduced, a few "sacred cow" mentioned, and a discussion about it.[1]

The term has been mainly used by RST to disparage another person in Re-Volt scene. It has not been widely used by others than RST except as parody. The presence of a sacred cow used to be declared by RST saying "moo" in chat.

Persons that are known to be declared as Sacred Cow by RST

- AGT2 (track modeler / nice guy)
- arto (creator of RV House and RVZT)
- cam64 (revolter)
- falcon (programmer/3D modeller)
- Hilaire9 (creator of over 200 tracks for Re-Volt)
- Skitch2 (creator of many extreme tracks)
- Urnemanden (super 3D modeler)
- ZAGames (know-it-all :D )
- zipperrulez (creator of tracks and cars as well as Re-Volt_Live_(Forum) founder)


  1. RRR Racing Forum- Old Sacred Cows

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