RVTMod or Re-VoltTrackModifier is the name of several packages containing tools by Ali. There were 7 of these packages, Gábor Varga has been maintaining it since version 5.


Included in RVTMod7 are the following tools:

  • Rv-glue - rvglue7: Versatile tool to do a lot of different things with tracks and instances. Inlcuding creation, modification, and ripping of world files.
  • Asetools - ase2prm, ase2w, ase2taz, ase2vis: Converters for .ase files. Gives you the ability to create instances and whole tracks (including track zones and viziboxes) in 3D Studio MAX or other ASE exporters.
  • mkmirror - a tool to create mirroring surfaces

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