RV-Count is a 16-bits closed source application, used for counting the numbers of polies in a prm file, it's one of Rv-Chaos tools.

Technic used:

RV-COUNT filename.prm

Nowadays, RV-Count is replaced by RV-Remap (by Chaos) and 3ds max's polies calc. and other softwares

RV-COUNT win32


Rv-Count win32

Rv-Count win32 is a project by Kallel for replacing win16 rv-count and giving a understandable GUI. The total project was created in Visual Basic 6 and translated to .NET platform later through VB 2008.

The total project is dedicated to Urne. The program is able to count a lot of Re-Volt files inside items, including track length (for Pos Nodes) (pan), number of polyhedrons in ncp, number of polies in prm and w, trackzones etc...

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