Rooftops 2003
Author: RST/Acclaim Entertainment
Folder Name: roof
Soundtrack:  ??
Length: 588m
Difficulty: Extreme
Mirrorable? Yes
Reversable? Yes

Rooftops 2003 is a track converted to Full Custom by RST, originally created by Acclaim Entertainment. The person who previously converted the track from the DreamCastversion under the alias "Santa Claus" was unable to convert all of the custom models and effects that this track to offers. These included such things as the clouds with the moon, helicopter model, 3D sounds, multi-frames, and other items. RST strongly disliked the skymap in Santa's version because was discovered they were ripped from Half Life game.

Rooftops rst

RoofTops 2003 Logo.


RoofTops 2003 in Phoenix R3

Originally Rooftops 2003 had an "install track.bat" file which allowed users to make a full custom track manually. Later RST decided to make it into "install track.exe", and eventually inspired him to create the "Phoenix R3" as a program to do all the required operations automatically.

RST had wanted this level to be just like the original DC version except this time on the PC. The problem was that he would need to replace a lot of in-game models and sfx to make this work. Then he came up with the Phoenix R3 program, which was born to do just that. His program is able to move and replace automatically files to create a Full Custom experience. The latest version of the Phoenix R3 now doesn't even need to move most of the files, just tell revolt.exe where they are.

This is the first Full Custom track, and one of best customized tracks of all time.


The jumps and corners are obstacles enough in this track. Other obstacles include a broom and steam.

Global Pulse Location

The Global Pulse is located to the right of the metal ladder in a small dark alley way.

Spoiler: Highlight to see. ^^

Practice Star Location

The Practice star is located on top the ledge, to the left of the ramp, by the two dishes.

Spoiler: Highlight to see. ^^


  • Cut corners as much as possible; be careful not to fall off.
  • Use oil slicks near jumps and corners.
  • Bump other cars off the track or into the steam.

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