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Author Simon Harrison and Paul Phippen (improved by Jim Vale)
Folder Name ROOF
Soundtrack Random
Length 588 metres
Difficulty/Cup Medium/Silver
Unlock Bronze Cup
Challenge Time
Reversed Mode Yes

Rooftops is a track included only in the Dreamcast, Android, iOS, and SmartTV version of Re-Volt. This track takes place in an urban city where your R/C car jumps from building to building in order to complete the laps. The public release version has been altered from the original version which was set at daylight. Due to hardware restrictions from that time, it has been decided to set the track at night to achieve a realistically low drawing distance. The first version is found in the source code or the Canned Version of the PC Version of Re-Volt. The iOS/SmartTV versions also have slightly altered graphics.

Stars Location

  • Global Pulse: After the satellite dish, up the ramp, inside narrow walls at right after a standing stair.
  • Practice Star: At the same ramp, on top of the wall.

External Links

This track is available And Download here. for the PC Version.

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