Rhino 3D w/ RVRhino plugin

Rhinoceros (abbreviated as Rhino) is a commercial NURBS-based 3D modeler. It is not commonly used with Re-Volt, but an import/export on Re-Volt's level files was recently made by SkindUpTruk,

About the export

The plugin places "Re-Volt icons" into the Rhinoceros 3D toolbar, in addition of other several buttons.

The method is simple, left click on a button is different from the right click

  • The first RV button (to the left) is for converting Re-Volt binary -> text that Rhinoceros can comprehend or the versa-vice if right clicked, those text files can be imported later to Rhinoceros or in the other case (text->Re-Volt binary), will export Re-Volt files (.w, .ncp, .prm)
  • The second button is for importing text files generated by the first button (if left clicked) or export them to Re-Volt format (if right clicked)
  • Rhino to RV coords (converts Rhino coordination system to Re-Volt's (or the opposite)
  • meshes group/ get mesh by name
  • Set texture / Copy texture: copies the textures or set it
  • Mirros: set/remove
  • Set vertex color (left click only): adds additional color for each point [called vertex]
  • Explode mesh: split meshes into submeshes

- if clicked for a while: it will show you a dialog for setting surfaces (for NCP)
- if left clicked, it will assign the selected surface into the selected mesh
- if right clicked, it will remove the surface properties from the selected mesh.

Conclusion: The two different options at each button is controlled by the mouse buttons. Press the right mouse button to convert it one way and press the left mouse button to it another way.


Converting from and into Re-Volt files/Rhinoceros files may take several minutes or seconds depending on computer's computing speed.

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