Stubs are articles on the wiki which are generally incomplete or very small and have insufficient information. A stub is to one day become a full article through contributing editors.

Finding a Stub

If you find a page which you feel is too small, or lacks needed information, it should be marked as a stub. People can even create stubs, just be sure to mark it with the correct template. You can also look at Special:ShortPages.

Marking a Stub

To mark a page as a stub, place {{stub}} at the end of a page. Once saved, it will display the stub template as the follows:

This article is a stub. You can help Re-Volt Wiki by expanding it.

Articles with this template will be automatically added to the stubs category.

Expanding Tips

When editing a stub, it is a good idea to consider the following tips.

  • Use good grammar and English. This helps provide clear and quality articles.
  • Research and collect information. We need facts.
  • A stub can become a full fledge article when it is large enough. Be sure to expand.

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