Featured articles are displayed at the main page randomly. Are usually articles about tranding stuff in the wiki (most visit or searched), articles with good quality, or articles containing interesting information.

Templates and tags

The box where featured articles are displayed is located at Template:MainPage/FeaturedArticleBox, and featured articles summaries at Template:MainPage/FeaturedArticle. Summaries are choosen randomly by the use of <choose></choose> and <option></option> tags.

What articles needs to be featured

Featured articles must:

  1. Have an image.
  2. Have a reasonable length.
  3. Have at least one of the attributes mentioned at the top.

Adding featured articles

To add a featured article, do as follows:

  1. Choose an article to add to the featured articles.
  2. Go to Template:MainPage/FeaturedArticle and click Edit.
  3. Note that articles in there are organized in alphabetical order, so place the <option></option> tags in the correct place.
  4. Inside the tags, create the summary of the article (just copy some paragraphs from the original article and paste in there). Also add an image at the summary beginning.
  5. Add a blank line at the end, and below, add '''[[ArticleName|Continue Reading...]]''' and replace ArticleName respectively.
  6. Publish your edits.

Required style

  • Do not add sizes for images (for instance: 256px).
  • Remove red links from the summaries.
  • Do not use headers (==Title==).
  • Keep the amount of words balanced.

Previewing summaries

To preview an article summary before publishing, sandboxes are an excelent option.

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