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Re-Volt is a radio control car racing video game created by Acclaim Studios London (originally named Probe Software) and firstly released by Acclaim Entertainment in July 1999. Although Acclaim has been defunct since 2004, the game continued to be supported by fans over the years.

Re-Volt Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia which is online since 2006. Our aim is to document and archive everything about this classic racing game. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive Re-Volt database.

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Random Featured Article

Rookie Starpos

All the rookie cars at the start position of Toys in the Hood 1.

"Cars" refers to any drivable vehicle that is included in Re-Volt. As the game's theme implies, these vehicles are mostly toys controlled by a radio-frequency link (R/C, Radio-controlled) and are much smaller than a common vehicle used for transporting humans.
Most of the full Re-Volt versions comes with 35 pre-installed "stock" cars. These cars are divided into separated ratings, which are: Rookie, Amateur, Advanced, Semi-Pro and Pro.

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Screenshot of the Moment

Rvgl preview4
RVGL running on OpenPandora.

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In the News

October 10, 2017

A new update for RVGL has been released today: 17.1009a. The new build major changes includes a more effective cheat detection system, enables custom cars and tracks to be randomly selected in the options menu, and now reads track difficulty from .inf files. More details and changes can be seen at the announcement topic at ORP.

Furthermore, we have new custom tracks available since the past week (High Stakes Reloaded, Hotel Volt and Cake) and 9 custom cars at Re-Volt Zone. Check 'em out!

October 2nd, 2017

Patch 17.1002a was released today for RVGL, addressing various bugs perceived within the previous update relating to controller mapping. This update also re-enabled the ability to turn off AI rubberbanding.

September 30th, 2017

RVGL has had a major update, build 17.0930a. The update improves on controller configurations, as well as enabling the ability to select specific ports in P2P online play.

July 19th, 2017

Re-Volt 2: Multiplayer terminated its service at July 3rd, and is no longer available for download. WeGo Interactive announced its end at their Re-Volt Facebook page at June 26th. No reasons about the service termination were provided. Furthermore, their other games Re-Volt 2 and Re-Volt 3 were suspended today, according to WeGo Interactive, due to "a problem with the game server".

July 8th, 2017

Two amazing tracks were released today: Skating Toys by Zorbah and Overground by Saffron.

July 3rd, 2017

Re-Volt Zone needs funding! Zach (the site's owner) is either looking for a way to fund the website or for someone to pass the website onto. Leave a comment at the original post if you have any idea to solve the problem. You can also use the donate button at the website's header to donate a certain amount of money via PayPal.

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