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Welcome to Re-Volt the Wiki - Your Source For Everything Re-Volt.
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Re-Volt the Wiki - Your Source For Everything Re-Volt

This is the homepage of Re-Volt the Wiki! You can help us by becoming a member and contributing to the database. We are going to document and archive everything about our favorite game by Probe Entertainment, Re-Volt!

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List of Board Statistics

Rvzt miniRe-Volt Zone
RVLiveIcon Re-Volt Live
RVRmini3Re-Volt Race
Rvhouse miniRVHouse
Orp miniOur Re-Volt Pub
Aliasrvmaster miniAlias Re-Volt Master
Rvdev miniRe-Volt Developer

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Recent Activity

March 30, 2017

      01:02 (Upload log) . . AllanO1 (Talk | contribs) uploaded "File:Loadfront.png" ‎

March 29, 2017

  m   22:05 Council State‎ (diff | hist) . . (+1)‎ . . AllanO1 (Talk | contribs)
+-     21:56 Championship‎‎ (3 changes | hist) . . (-18)‎ . . [AllanO1‎ (3×)]
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Screenshot of the Moment

Rvgl preview4

RVGL Running on OpenPandora.

RVGL Latest Release

RVGL 17.0327a, released in March 28th, 2017.

In the News

March 7th, 2017

Re-Volt Zone activity had a raise up recently. 6 cars and 2 tracks were released. One of these tracks is an extreme called Medieval made by Instant and Mikrosx.

March 1st, 2017

Recently Re-Volt Zone had a great delivery of cars, being one the long awaited Naval Baron, made by twin brothers RV Pure and RV Passion. Check all of them at Re-Volt Zone's timeline.

Febuary 27th, 2017

Re-Volt I/O received a huge upgrade on its layout and a section for user-made cars and tracks is being developed. Go to Re-Volt I/O home page Also, DC.all released one more N64 track conversion at Re-Volt Live Forum: the Penny Racers' track Caves. Download link at the original post.

Febuary 16th, 2017

Re-Volt I/O has a new section available: the Learn page, which provides informations of how to make cars and tracks to the game. The tutorials are still under construction, but it already has a quite full guide about making tracks in Blender. Their online racing schedule is also being updated every week.
Other known events in the community websites are the Re-Volt Live's Weekly Pro Trials (Winter 2017 event) which is still running and is currently in the fourth week, DC.all releasing tracks converted from Nintendo 64 games (here), and a new lego released and an updated track in Re-Volt XTG (here).


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