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RV Live as of Sep'2nd 2013

Re-Volt Live (RVL) is an English forum created by zipperrulez with partnership of miromiro on June 26th, 2009 in order to make the Re-Volt scene more alive and it's currently one of the two active English Re-Volt forums.

The logo is made by Marv and recolored by zipperrulez. Although it's programmed that it changes its logo by season through an organized context, the default logo was set for all seasons.

This forum is fairly active, if not the most active English forum at the time. The forum maintains a partership with RVxtg and Re-Volt Frontend . It also has an official facebook page and an official youtube channel.


Re-Volt Live accepts everyone. It's more oriented into fun, racing, offtopic and news unlike ORP which is more into technology and development.

Re-Volt Live has a great section for news, custom creations (tracks, cars, modifications, fan artwork, and PRM kits etc...).

It is also to note that it had a skin changer and reputation, like/dislike but later removed to improve performance since they caused the forum to lag.

What makes Re-Volt Live different from other invisionfree forums is besides the unique ambiance, it has other additions such as youtube tags, and your fairly spoiler, offtopic tag.

Re-Volt Live Logo

Re-Volt Live Logo

Re-Volt Live : YouTube

Re-Volt Live's YouTube account was founded by zipperrulez. It contains tutorial videos, as well as videos from Re-Volt championships and competitions. As of 1/6/2010 the tutorials are as follows (in no particular order):

  • Random car racing online
  • How to install custom cars and tracks
  • How to forward your router for use with RVHouse
  • How to run Re-Volt on Vista and Windows 7
  • Hotkeys & The basics of modeling in Maya

There are more videos about modeling in Maya, courtesy of Aftgambit007 a.k.a. Afty, coming soon.

Other videos include:

  • Re-Volt Live's NASCAR Cup
  • zipperrulez's Re-Volt Mod (Real RC Mod) Trailer

Re-Volt Live Lab

Latest preview
It's the official laboratory for Re-Volt Live administrated by miromiro, zipperrulez, urbanrocker and Kfalcon. It's the complete laboratory for testing everything before releasing it to RVL.

Re-Volt Live Lab has contributed to Re-Volt with a lot of features. Now it's inactive and it's rarely visited

Re-Volt Live: Members

Re-Volt Live has a large list of members that exceed thousand. Although only thirties are active divised into different ranks: 

  • Administrators ("Admins")
  • Global Moderators ("supermods")
  • Moderators ("moderators")


  • Members
  • VIP
  • Retired moderators
  • In-Validating (People who still need to validate their email address)

The powered people are:

  • zipperrulez - Administrator
  • miromiro - Administrator
  • URV - Global Moderator
  • Saffron - Global Moderator
  • Skarma - Global Moderator
  • krisss - Moderator ("Artwork" and "Tools" Categories)
  • Cat - Moderator (Cars)
  • Dave-o-rama - Moderator (Tracks)
  • Halogaland - Moderator ("Work In Progress" Category)
  • Kajeuter - Moderator ("Online Racing" and "Time Records" Categories)
  • Balint12 - Moderator ("Time Records" Category)

External Links

Re-Volt Live Home

Re-Volt Live Lab (new link)

Re-volt Lives YouTube Account

Re-Volt Live's AI Nodes Tutorial

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