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Re-Volt Frontend (RVF) is rather a creator's site than a fan site where you can find tutorials and about track making, backups of several files (Demos, patches, tracks, soundtracks, ...). The site is maintained by Marv. 

The goal was to create a portal to the communities and back everything important up. As tutorials tend to disappear after some time, several documents from Re-Volt sites/forums have been archived there.

It has been superseded by Re-Volt I/O.


  • Backup of
    • Tools
    • Patches
    • Re-Volt game files
    • Rare Documents
    • Tracks (/-Packs)
    • Tutorials
  • Downloads of
    • Re-Volt for Mac
    • Soundtracks
    • Goodies



RV Mac Logo

  • It might be the most visited Re-Volt fansite with about 150 views per day.
  • Re-Volt Frontend was initially created to form a German part of the community
  • RVF once had a rather active German forum which is now offline
  • The name 'Frontend' has been chosen as it's the name of the Re-Volt main menu (idea of providing access to everything)
  • RVF once has been contacted by WeGoI (Owner of Re-Volt)
  • The RVF backups are about 6 GB

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