Re-Volt forum

Re-Volt Forum is a forum started by benvoliosaythat for the RVR website, and is managed by numerous other admins.

Re-Volt Forum has recently made their own logo, they haven't had one since the site began.

Re-Volt forum was first operated in 2007 (May'2nd 2007) and since then it gained popularity[1].


Re-Volt Forum's current logo for 2010


Re-Volt Forum's new and original logo for 2009.


Re-Volt Forum's older "partially" original Logo (October, 2008)

The List of Board Statistics show that it is the 5th most popular English forum in comparison to Re-Volt Live, Our Re-Volt Pub's and RRR Racing Forum, it is 6th overall when RVTT's and Aliasrevoltmaster's forums are included.[2]


  2. List of Board Statistics

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