Re-Volt Engine is the CPP code that Acclaim used in order to create Re-Volt. The Re-Volt Engine was first created by Balor Knight and edited by Matt Taylor in 1997 then was remade by Acclaim team in 1999.

The Re-Volt Engine contains: - Textured loading, (0,0,0) as transparence : Using DirectX
- Graphic rendering (2D and 3D): using DirectX 6.1 and GDI
- Collision detection (NCP,HUL)
- Spark/Collision Generator
- Sound and music player : using RAD tools
- Reflection :Using DirectX
- AI (AI nodes)

Re-Volt Engine is limited.

  • 8 SFX (wavs)
  • 10 bmps (for tracks) : 256x256 | 128x128 for mipmaps
  • 64 instances, 64 objects
  • 16384 collision polies
  • 1 bmp/car
  • no refractions
  • 12 cars per race
  • 8 players online (barely 12)
  • one ENVMAP per track
  • Floating big points coordinates is impossible to be done successfully
  • IQ not quite intelligent
  • Spark generator limit

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