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Re-Volt 1.2 is a current project involved in updating/bugfixing Re-Volt from a recently found source code leak. Inspired by RVDev, Huki and Jigebren decided to      collaborate and make this plan come to fruition. After about 6 months of hard work an alpha was released. More recently, the first public beta became available November 13th, 2010.


The objective of this version is to revitalize this largely abandoned game. The team has everything needed to establish complete control over the game where Acclaim Entertainment left off. Although useful launchers such as  WolfR4 and Phoenix R3 are available, this solution will not require a launcher when complete, and due to its holistic nature will more than likely be more stable than those memory patcher solutions.


While others would wish for a "total remake" of the game based on or independent of Re-Volt's main source code; Huki believed it would be best to not only base it on the original source code, but compile it with the same software the original developers compiled it with; Visual Studio 6.0 and DirectX 6, respectively.

As Huki mentioned, integrating the launchers' features into the main source is a base of the project, so memory patchers may soon be obsoleted and there will be no need to run an executable alongside Re-Volt (such as the mentioned Phoenix R3 and WolfR4).

Key Features

  • Four player splitscreen
  • Full support for newer Windows OSs
  • Widescreen and multi-monitor support
  • Anisotropic texture filtering, better font and hud
  • Support for international keyboard layouts
  • Support for high-resolution textures (commonly used: 512x512, 1024x1024)
  • Preview function for Object edit-mode: Ctrl P
  • Support for custom content (Carboxes, soundtrack, sounds ...)
  • Optimized loading (super fast loading with -sload and -nointro)
  • Visual Features taken from the Dreamcast version
  • Trolley accessible via CARNIVAL cheat
  • Shows Ghost Car In Time Trial


RV 1.2 (Homepage)

Re-Volt 1.2 for Mac OS X

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