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Re-Volt (PS1)

Re-Volt (PS1) is the version of Re-Volt which was released to the PlayStation game console. This version had the worst graphics and had no water effects, but it had some advantages as well. This version features several extras including 2 complete packs of Lego tracks made by Acclaim, a modified Car selection screen, and 17 repainted cars (as seen in the Dreamcast version). It was released August 16, 1999.

This version of the game has a multi-regional game save mentioned on our Game Saves page for anyone interested.

Graphics Capability

For the PlayStation port of Re-Volt, the game has the lowest quality of graphics compared to the other versions, in which were released later. The low texture quality, bulky modeling, and lack of gameplay elements is due to the limitations of the PlayStation unit itself. Due to the sometimes sluggish framerate, the game clearly states itself as one of the very few games of all time that puts the most stress on the PlayStation game console, with the excessive amount of polygons being drawn by the GPU, and the amount of gameplay elements being processed by the CPU. This effect is clearly shown in tracks created by the Track Editor, where the framerate drops very low, and in Toy World 2, where the train is not present at the railroad tracks section at the start of the track. The train might have been cut due to space limitations or putting the PlayStation GPU to extremes of overheating stress. Some model's polycount has been cut.

It is possible to obtain better graphics and reduce loading times when played on a Playstation2, and it is also possible to obtain better framerates when played on a Playstation3.


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