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Rc moddb

3D render of current project

Re-volt R/C stories
is an attempt to port Re-Volt to next gen PCs (by bringing it to DirectX 8/9/11).

In fact, it was a mod of Unreal Tournament 3 until 2011, and currently being developed on UDK by Re-Volt: RC Stories Development Team, a 3D modeler


This project's stat is not stable like all the other attempts of remaking Re-Volt. The project started in Nov 29, 2007 and owned by Pirog[1]... However there is no much progress since then (no programming progress).

  • update from 10.08.2011*

The project have returned to development state, most models, what was done now are remodelling, retexturing. Pirog [2] - Idea, Lead modeller, texture artist, scripting cars, mapper

GMan (just_call_me_G) [3] - texture artist

Turn (aka Lapin Nikolay) - modeller

Kenz - idea generator, mapper

Moro - web site, concept artist, russian support of the project

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Project's home page

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References and notes

  1. he is from Russia
  2. contacts:;;
  3. contacts:

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