RVZT or Re-Volt Zone Tracks (currently Re-Volt Zone (RVZ)) is a considerably popular site created by arto. The site is hosted by Zach who is also an administrator of in the site and develops the site with Arto. Tracks are managed by Sjampo and cars by Manmountain, Ayl, and zipperrulez.

RVZT is known for its ability to upload Re-Volt cars and tracks for others to download, this has caused a large amount of free user-created content such extreme tracks and cars, both of which are made from scratch. RVZT has at the moment the largest selection of custom made tracks and cars for Re-Volt.

Rvzt logo long



The name comes from "Re-Volt Zone" which was the name of the Re-Volt lobby in the no longer existing MSN Gaming Zone. At first the site was just linking to tracks that were often played by Re-Volt multiplayer community, but eventually evolved into it's current form with ability of ocmmenting and hosting the creations itself.


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Full history of RVZT can be viewed from the RVZT's "About this site" section.

At 12th July 2013 RVZT has moved servers to a new website called Re-Volt Zone.

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