RV Minis

RVminis or RV-Minis is a pack of tools created by Ali and maintained by Gabor Varga , it's composed from 14 C++ Command-Line Interface applications


  • findump.exe : for dumping instances
  • i2prm.exe : for creating prms from prm-intermediate files
  • prm2i.exe : for creating intermediate files from a prm
  • rvad.exe : Secret E-egg for Linux
  • rvcenter.exe : moving the instances into their center
  • rvcolor.exe : coloring the instances
  • rvmark.exe : marking the instances
  • rvmove.exe : moving the instances
  • rvshade.exe : shading the instances
  • rvstats.exe : gets the polycount and textures for the current file
  • rvsurface.exe : setting a surface type to an intermediate file
  • rvtexmap.exe : retexturing an instance
  • rvtrans.exe : making an instance transparent
  • rvweird.exe : texturing an instance is a weird way

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