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The following is a list of Championships that have been managed by RRR Racing Forum. They are categorized by completed, current, and up and coming.

Completed Champs

Rally Masters Championship

Number of Players: 19

Winners: (1)RST,(2)jase06,(3)nuclearhythmics

Track Type: Extreme

List of Raced Tracks:

Canyonrn Cliff edge isle Indagodan
Canyon Run Cliff Edge Isle indagoden
Misty valley Nova RVT
Misty Valley Super Nova Re-Volt Temple

Current Championships

Fun Fun Summer

Number of Players: 5

Current Standings: (1)rst,(2)Urnemanden,(3)Crone94

Track Type: Mix Extreme+Full Custom

List of Tracks:

Playafinalxg4 Safarixl2 Venicebo8
Playa + Final Safari Venice
Hcampwq2 Summerfestst7 Catfish1qj8
Holiday Camp Summer Fest Catfish Cove

Up and Coming Champs

  • Plan 9 - Coming Soon!
  • Zip your Fly! -Coming Soon!

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