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Folder Name dino
Class Electric
Rating Amateur
Max Speed 33 mph (53 kph)
Battery Reach 52 mph (84 kph)
Acceleration 5,5 m/s
Weight 1 Kg
Drivetrain 4WD
Unlock Bronze Cup

The RC San is one of many stock cars available in Re-Volt.


The RC San is a 4WD Electric-powered car, classified under the Amateur class. Overall, the RC San performs quite well amongst competitors in its class and under. It has balanced top speed and handling, with exceptional acceleration to propel the car at a very fast speed during the start of a race, or when recovering from errors or obstructions. This car doesn't lack in grip, unlike the Sprinter XL.

Additional Information

  • This car is not present in any of the various Re-Volt demos.
  • The DEV Version carbox art shows the same car but with a different name, 'Dynamo San'. This can be seen in "Re-Volt Demo\levels\frontend\carbox1.bmp" or opening the file "carinfo.txt".
  • The player needs to complete the Bronze Cup championship and finish in first place to unlock this car.
  • The car's name, 'RC San', is a play on what most Japanese people end short names with, disclosing pronunciation as 'RC Son'. In fact, the suffix "-san" is used to show respect for another person.
  • A Japanese 'Rising Sun' is also present on the car, but with differently colored sun spokes.
  • RC San is called "Ultra Kart" in RE-VOLT 2: Best RC 3D Racing.
  • It is called Dynamo San on the PS1 port of the game
  • The japanese symbols in the hood (ウルトラ,Urutora) mean "Ultra", witch explain the chosen name by WeGo Interactive. In Re-Volt 2, these symbols were translated and written with common letters from the Latin Alphabet. The reason is unknown.
  • The car's default data folder name is 'dino'
  • The RC San is an Electric type car in the Amateur class with a 4WD drivetrain.
  • RC San's top speed in the mode Junior RC is 33 kph and in Console, Arcade and Simulation 53 kph.


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