R3-RVS or R3-RVS The ReVerSional is a program created by RST for RRR Racing Forum which is able to change between multiple Re-Volt (PC) versions. The full version contains 13 versions including dev, asia, gateway, and many more whilst the public demo only contains the asia version, it may contain 8 free versions in the full release.


R3-RVS showing 1.0 USA selected and 0916 installed.

The Story

Several versions of Re-Volt were never documented since the Phoenix R3 appeared on the scene. During the process of making the Phoenix many versions were tested to try and find compatibility and the complexity in all of them. To test them, I needed to continually modify the revolt.exe in the Re-Volt root directory and leave the other versions to the side and renamed. This process was time consuming and not very good, to typify this different versions may have to be installed in different ways and doing it all manually was not the best way of handling it. This is where the idea of R3-RVS began, to allow users to easily change Re-Volt versions and/or patch their current installation with the famous 1207/0916 patches.


  • v0.01cgw 08-APR-1999 712.704 First demo
  • v0.01 28-APR-1999 741.376 Rolling demo
  • dev 18-MAY-1999 782.347 Dev version
  • v0.01acclaim 14-JUN-1999 864.256 Second demo
  • v1.00 'SecuROM' ----------- 594.432 Compressed
  • v1.00 'EUR' 27-JUL-1999 1.125.695 CD-Rom
  • v1.00 'EUR XP' 27-JUL-1999 1.125.695 CD-Rom
  • v1.00 'USA' 27-JUL-1999 905.216 CD-R
  • v1.00 'GateWay' 27-JUL-1999 905.216 First patch
  • v1.00 'EUR V2' 04-AUG-1999 1.125.695 CD-Rom
  • v1.00 'ASIA' 25-AUG-1999 1.077.248 CD-Rom
  • v1.10 '0916' 16-SEP-1999 905.216 1.10 patch
  • v1.10 '1207' 06-DEC-1999 929.792 Last patch

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