'Pyro' model by Justin Krenz, showing in 'Perspective' view at top, and wireframe 'Front', 'Left' and 'Top' views at bottom.

Pyro-GX, mostly known as Pyro, is a fictional spaceship which comes from the DOS game Descent, developed by Parallax Software.

There are no relations between the spaceship and Re-Volt, with the exception that the model is present in the source code of the Xbox version.

The Re-Volt source code model was called 'Pyro' and was a high polygon model made by 'Justin Krenz' and found on the internet by 'Christian Scheibel', whose his purpose was to test the rendering performance.[1]

Later in 2014, the model was found by fans and received a reduction in polygons and custom textures. The fan version uses the same Probe UFO handling and is now included in 'DEV and Demo Car Pack' [2], even being considered incorrect to sort the spaceship as a DEV car.


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  2. "DEV and Demo Pack" at Re-Volt Zone

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