PC XL8 R (called as PC Accelerator in the RVL's Dev and Demo Pack) is a car exclusive to the PC Accelerator distribution of the Re-Volt Demo.


PC XL8 R is the signature vehicle of the rare distribution of the now-defunct PC Accelerator magazine company. The vehicle's files can also be found buried in the files of the Developer Version of Re-Volt with a missing Parameters.txt file. Despite its parameters are not present in the Developer's version, oddly it can be found in the carinfo.txt of the CGW demo, in the place of Aquasonic (its visual counterpart).

The car was converted by Re-Volt Live members to the full PC version, but with a fan-made parameters. Their version shares the same stats as Gamespot's demo car, having well-balanced acceleration and turning radius stats, but also fairly loose in terms of traction.


In the parameters found in the Carinfo.txt of v0.01cgw, PC XL8 R was rated under the Pro rating. This is unusual as the car is clocks at 32 mph (51 kph). The car was possibly planned as a Rookie car in the PC Accelerator demo, which unfortunately has not been found yet by the community.

The car's acceleration possibly is the same of Gamespot, clocking at 2.26 m/s².

PC XL8 R would be one of the fastest demo cars if it is proved that the parameters values found in the CGW demo were the official used for the PC Accelerator demo.

Additional Information

  • The car's name is an obvious play in the phonetics of the publisher's name.


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