PC Gamer was a car exclusive to the PC Gamer distribution of the Re-Volt Demo. It can also be found buried in the files of Developer Version of Re-Volt with a missing parameters.txt file.


PC Gamer is a car made for the PC Gamer distribution of the game demo, as the distribution's flagship car. The car has its body based on Humma, which respectively also appeared as the Acclaim car in Acclaim Entertainment's demo. As the pioneers of the demo build alongside the CGW distribution, the car's textures were relatively simple, such as its basic headlights.


Like PC Gamer, CGW is an underpowered car. Its top speed of 30 mph (48 kph), and acceleration of 1.91 m/s² are below average in its rating, making the car feel very sluggish at times. Its turning radius is great as a result of its slow speed, however its grip leaves much to be desired as its body is based on Humma's, with all four of its wheels skidding out of control if one is not careful.


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