Orca next to a "real Toyeca" February 2007.

Orca_Spain or Aixa is a 23yr. (born 1986) female racer who lives in Spain. Since she is one of the oldest "Re-Volters", she has had a rather interesting impact on the community. She has a wealth of historical knowledge related to Re-Volt.

How she came to Re-Volt

Orca_Spain got her first demo (or game demonstration)version of Re-Volt in the Christmas of 1999 and has been playing ever since. Her first car was RC Bandit . After playing the game, she mentioned in an interview at Y'ARP that Toyeca was her favorite because of the way it handled while racing.

She appeared on the online scene in the MSN Gaming Zone , GameSpy Arcade, and occasionally in RVHouse. Since this time, she has been a member of RRR Racing Forum and made appearances on a few other sites.

Her current goal in life is learning to be a zoologist and finishing college, hence she hasn't been on the scene as much as previous years.

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