Orca_Spain or Aixa is a 23yr. (born 1986) female racer who lives in Spain. Since she is one of the oldest "Re-Volters", she has had a rather interesting impact on the community. She has a wealth of historical knowledge related to Re-Volt.


Orca next to a "real Toyeca" February 2007.

How she came to Re-Volt

Orca_Spain got her first demo (or game demonstration)version of Re-Volt in the Christmas of 1999 and has been playing ever since. Her first car was RC Bandit . After playing the game, she mentioned in an interview at Y'ARP that Toyeca was her favorite because of the way it handled while racing.[1]

She appeared on the online scene in the MSN Gaming Zone , GameSpy Arcade, and occasionally in RVHouse. Since this time, she has been a member of RRR Racing Forum and made appearances on a few other sites.

Her current goal in life is learning to be a zoologist and finishing college, hence she hasn't been on the scene as much as previous years.


  1. Interview with Orca_Spain (Spanish)

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