Main Info

Miromiro (14 yr old, born in 11 January, 1996), is a re-volter from Romania - Sibiu, Cristian. His real name is Miron Margineanu.

He is creating several tracks & he likes to do team tracks with different guys. He's learning MAKEITGOOD's edit modes. Also, he want to become the next AI Guru and was entitled as the AI Helper for his knowledge about AI Nodes. He likes a lot to make AI for tracks, and when no one asks him, he asks the other to make AI for their tracks if he thinks that the AI could be better.

He also is the admin of the Re-Volt Live forum with the ROOT admin, Zipperrulez. He is still active on RVHouse. If you want to talk with him you can come on RVHouse. His birthday is on 11 January. You can ask him everything about AI Nodes and most of the MAKEITGOOD Edit Modes except Visiboxes. Also, he knows some about RVGlue. His bad part is that he doesn't know anything about creating graphics or editing bitmaps (bmps).

On 23rd of July 2010, miromiro has released, with a partnership of Zipperrulez, the latest AI Nodes tutorial that was made 100% manually. It has its own topic which is located right here.

His email is Or you can send a PM to him because he is member in all the latest revolt forums. He's has some conflicts with some members from the community but he tries to can "fix" them. Excepting this, he's a nice guy.

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