A mesh is a group of polies.

While .w file contains many meshes, .prm file contains only one mesh (group of polies).

Re-Volt Meshes file extentions

  • W; "World File", is a file containing meshes of a track, adding surface properties (bumpy, muddy...), animated textures, and others. Bassicaly, is a PRM for tracks, but increased.
  • PRM; is an instance mesh. This type of mesh is used both as a track instance as a car body. With instances, is possible create "clones" of an object in a track using the edit mode panel. Instances are located at tracks folders.
  • M; a PRM named as "M". This type is used for meshes of models (planes, copters, pickups, basketballs...), in other words, objects with movements and physics properties.

Other types of meshes

  • PSM; PRM from Playstation version.
  • PSW; World File from Playstation version.
  • XDX; PRM from Xbox version. Also is the World File too.
  • #_vertex.XDX; a complement of World File.

Meshes Colisions file extentions

  • NCP; a "hard" colision file, without physics properties. Is used for walls, floors, big objects... in other words, is used for objects that a common RC Car couldn't push in real life.
  • HUL; a special colision with physics properties (weight, gravity...). This makes it possible move the object with kicks, pushes, etc.
  • COL; old colision file, containing NCP and HUL properties at the same time.[1]

Other types of meshes

These meshes are not related with Re-Volt, but are known by Custom Creators.

  • MAX; 3D Studio Max meshes
  • ASE; ASCII Scene Export, used for track designers to export files to Re-Volt
  • 3DS; 3D Studio, other files used to export meshes
  • LWO; Lightwave Object, this type is rare, only was used to view the car Zebra.
  • SKP; Google Sketchup meshes, track designers don't like this type so much.
  • DAE; Autodesk Collada, used to export SKP files.
  • BLEND; Blender meshes.
  • GMAX; Gmax meshes.


  1., "Redesigning After Acclaim's butting in"

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