MAKEITGOOD is the text entered as your username in Re-Volt which opens a hidden developers panel. Custom track creators often use this hidden panel to greatly enhance their custom creations. It is also considered as a cheat code.

Finding the Panel

To start the hidden MAKEITGOOD developer panel simply start any race and enter your player name as "MAKEITGOOD". Once entered, you should hear a honking noise as it moves to the car selection screen. Now press Esc on your keyboard three times. You should now be at the "Race Type Menu" from here you will see a new option called "Edit Mode" set to "None" simply press right or left with Edit Modes selected to navigate through the list of modes.


Each edit mode is a different part of the devloper panel. It consists of Light, Vizibox, Objects, Instances, AI Nodes, Track Zones, Triggers, Camera Nodes, Farce Fields, Erm, nothing to see here (Portals), Pos Nodes, and Acoustic Zones.

Differing Opinions On Starting Edit Mode

After selecting an Edit Mode, you can either continue to race by selecting "Edit Mode: Whatever Your Selection" as a race mode, which will only allow you to race and edit in Time Trial Mode on Stock Tracks, or you can leave your selection and choose "Single Race".

In Single Race editing mode you can edit custom tracks and race while editing, although this is very helpful, some people have choosen not to do this because it often makes the engine unstable and it crashes.

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