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Folder Name tc5
Class Glow
Rating Advanced
Top Speed 37 mph
Battery Reach 48 mph
Acceleration 3,36 m/s
Drivetrain FWD

Loaded Chique is the first version of NY 54, formerly only known as an alternative painting hidden between the cars' data. Is a car avaliable only in Re-Volt DEV, previously extracted and changed to become playable in the current versions. The car is aimed at the sponsorship of Iguana Entertainment, and the name is present in the most demo versions of the game.

Overall, Loaded Chique is a complete copy of NY 54 in body styling and looks, but has slightly altered parameters, possessing an increased top speed and reduced acceleration.

Additional Information

  • Loaded Chique does not has a box art, appearing in the game just as a white box.
  • Loaded Chique textures was replaced for the NY 54 painting. However the bitmap was included in the final release of the game, stored inside the tc5 folder with a name of 'caror.bmp'.


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