About Leetcake

Swordlessroy joined the re-volt community in 2007 making Ms paint based repaints. He was 11 when he started editing having made friends with a fellow member on the community jaseka, In mid 08 he disipeared,

In 09 he joined re-volt live He signed up under the name Leetcake, He Made Cars with fellow members Daniel_revay , and Tomoalien, In a few months after leetcake's little sister told Zipperrulez to ban me from re-volt live He rejoined under the name leetcaek (pronoucned Leet cock) He posted in the off topic board "Miromiro, Change my name to swordlessroy"

His favorite singers include



Weird al,

miku hatsune

Furries in a blender


Some of swordlessroys hobbies include writing scary stories and drawing.


I have 5 pet rats, I named them Fuzzy,specal,Bob,Bob and Bob,

I have 5 pet dogs there names are Travie,tiny,Raven,Sally,Lilly

and 3 birds there names are jesse,Sunny and D.

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