Kiwi is a Re-Volter from Austria, born in 1984.

He own Re-Volt since the year of it's release in 1999. Till 2003, Kiwi played mostly offline, in private network sessions, and sometimes also online at GameSpy Arcade and the MSN Gaming Zone. He was part of the RVTT and RVA communities. Kiwi won an Austrian eSport-Tournament in Re-Volt in 2002. After an abstinence of 14 years, he rejoined the community in summer 2017.


Since Kiwi's rejoin in 2017, he also joined the creators community and made 6 custom cars so far:




In April 2018 he started working on his first Extreme track called Spa-Volt[1]. The track is planned to be released in Autumn/Winter 2018.


  • Kiwi also use the nickname Kiw y Gvalch'ca sometimes.
  • Kiwi's favourite cars are Harvester in the Rookie class, Candy Pebbles and Aquasonic in the Amateur class, R6 Turbo and NY 54 in the Advanced class, Pest Control and Adeon in the Semi-Pro class, and Humma in the Pro class. Kiwi is also known as a big fan of the custom car Hydrox.
  • Kiwi's favourite tracks are Kadish Sprint, Sakura, Skating Toys, and Botanical Garden.
  • Kiwi has 2 cats named Felix and Sunny. The cats are known to be members of the Re-Volt community as well, by communicating in cat-language in the Re-Volt Discord channels.
  • KMA messages by Kosztya will be answered by Kiwi with an "Pffff". He is also known to use oldschool smileys very frequently.
  • Kiwi owned a Re-Volt Blog named "RVGL Today" in early 2018, until it was hacked by unknown attackers. He also was part of the Re-Volt I/O Staff team from Spring to Summer 2018. At the moment he is Moderator[2] from The Re-Volt Hideout Forum, and known as an official Host from Re-Volt I/O sessions[3].

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