Instances are the 3D models which you can add to a track via it's own edit mode. This consists of the .prm file type and the .ncp file type for collision data.

About the Edit Mode

Instances Edit Mode like all edit modes, must be access from the MAKEITGOOD cheat/developer menu. Once here you can use the Numpad and a few other keys to modify your instances in the game.

Keys Used

  • F4 to enter edit mode.
  • Insert to insert instances (.prm)
  • Numpad (plus)+ and (minus)- to cycle through available instances.
  • Numpad 1-9 to rotate the model.
  • P, [, and ] to increase RGB.
  • ;, '', and #' keys to decrease RGB.
  • Minus (-) & Equals (=) to increase/decrease LOD.
  • Slash (/) & Star (*) keys to increase/decrease priority.
  • Ctrl+F4 to save changes.

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