_Inmm.dll or simply Inmm.dll is a dynamic library that enables you to play mp3 music in Re-Volt without any other 3rd party tool, the tool is being developed in Japan.

How To make it work?

First Method

Download and install it from here Music Pack For Re-Volt

Second Method

  • Inmm 1 Download and install it

  • Inmm 32 Run it from Start menu (_inmm Setup)

  • Inmm 6 Now choose '_inmm.ini' Tab, and press 'Add'

  • Inmm 7 Just add Re-Volt music or any other MP3 music and press 'Open'

  • Inmm 8 and then press save

  • Inmm 9 select Re-Volt directory and save the file as it is ('_inmm.ini')

  • Inmm 4 Now go to 'Patch' Tab, Find "Acclaim" and select Re-Volt

  • Inmm 5 then press 'Patch' and now we are done!

External Links

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