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In the News

March 31th, 2017

News from the past two weeks:

  • The limit of players in a race was increased to 16 in a recent RVGL release (17.0325a) among new commands in the Waiting Room and other fixes and changes. These were suggested due to issues in Re-Volt I/O organized races.
  • Released creations in fans websites include three cars (CUE Slide, Clockwork Midget, and Twin Mill) and four tracks (Scassland Vigani HeadQuarters, Mini Clockwork Arena, Sultan and Saco).
  • A new importer-exporter plugin is being developed by Marv and Dummiesman to run in the latest version of Blender: HabitatB. For now only prm files are accepted, but it is still good news for those interested in creating content, since Jigebren is no longer updating his plugin or was even interested to release it in public.
March 7th, 2017

Re-Volt Zone activity had a raise up recently. 6 cars and 2 tracks were released. One of these tracks is an extreme called Medieval made by Instant and Mikrosx.

March 1st, 2017

Recently Re-Volt Zone had a great delivery of cars, being one the long awaited Naval Baron, made by twin brothers RV Pure and RV Passion. Check all of them at Re-Volt Zone's timeline.

Febuary 27th, 2017

Re-Volt I/O received a huge upgrade on its layout and a section for user-made cars and tracks is being developed. Go to Re-Volt I/O home page Also, DC.all released one more N64 track conversion at Re-Volt Live Forum: the Penny Racers' track Caves. Download link at the original post.

Febuary 16th, 2017

Re-Volt I/O has a new section available: the Learn page, which provides informations of how to make cars and tracks to the game. The tutorials are still under construction, but it already has a quite full guide about making tracks in Blender. Their online racing schedule is also being updated every week.
Other known events in the community websites are the Re-Volt Live's Weekly Pro Trials (Winter 2017 event) which is still running and is currently in the fourth week, DC.all releasing tracks converted from Nintendo 64 games (here), and a new lego released and an updated track in Re-Volt XTG (here).

Past News...

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