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Folder Name gencar
Class Electric
Rating Amateur
Max Speed 35 mph (56 kph)
Battery Reach 48 mph (77 kph)
Acceleration 2,91 m/s
Weight 2 Kg
Drivetrain 4WD
Unlock Practice

The Genghis Kar is one of several stock cars available in Re-Volt.


The Genghis Kar is a 4WD Electric-operated vehicle, classified under the Amateur class. The car has balanced performance in all aspects, with decent handling, and good top speed and acceleration. The performance of this car is somewhat similar to that of the Volken Turbo. Like Mouse, this car can roll over on curves when using the battery. It's necessary be careful and slowdown on curves.

Additional Information

  • This car is not present in any of the various Re-Volt demos.
  • The player needs to obtain all of the hidden stars in the Bronze Cup tracks in Practice mode to unlock this car.
  • The car had a 'nickname' as the DEVIL car, by Paul Phippen, and was later changed.
  • The car's name, 'Genghis Kar' is an obvious pun of 'Genghis Khan', as the car's design was based on his empire structures.
  • A 'Black Horse' Emblem is present on this car.
  • The car's default data folder name is 'gencar'
  • The Genghis Kar is an Electric type car in the Amateur class with a 4WD drivetrain.
  • Genghis Kar's top speed in the mode Junior RC is 37 kph and in Console, Arcade and Simulation 56 kph.


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