Gari Biasillo

Gari Biasillo (alias Gazza) is a programmer born in 1971 who helped make the Re-Volt video game. He did the Car AI along with some Additional Programing to the game engine.[1] This can also be seen by Re-Volt's command line options which are named -gazzasaicar, -gazzasaiinfo, and -gazzasroute.[2]


He created his first game in 1985 when he was 14 years old and had the game published in Computer Gamer magazine. His first job was at 15 for Players, however he waited until 16 before moving on to bigger jobs. It wasn't until he turned 27 that he got the opportunity to work for Iguana Entertainment, and also was offered a job at Iguana (US).[3]

He currently works at Electronic Arts out of Vancouver, Canada. And was credited in the book AI game programing wisdom published in 2002. [4] [5]


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